Quick, Efficiency and Professional exceed your expectation.

Pre-sale service

We can provide market research forecasts, product information, customized design&products, advice, and other convenient services. We can also assist customers in project planning and market analysis, which can make our products meet your needs perfectly and bring the biggest benefit to our customers for their investment.

On-purchase service

With the initiative, enthusiasm and thoughtful service, we are able to provide you with the best solution which making you experience the fun of shopping.

After-sale service

In order to solve your problems after shopping, we shall provide you with perfect service, including product introduction, installation, maintenance and technical training and so on.



Technical Support

We own a professional, efficient and experienced technical team, which can provide complete construction process and solutions for you.

And ensure major project to be completed on time with high quality. Helps customers acquire high-quality products and services. Email: technical@hiorange.com.cn

Sales Team Support

We own a mature, responsible and attentive service team, which can answer questions, follow up production and tracking cargos for you. This helps customers to receive satisfactory products and services.

Email: sales@hiorange.com.cn