Hotel Rooms Design

Hotel Rooms Design

Xiongguang Xiao

Senior Lighting Designer

Partner and design director of Shenzhen Kademan Lighting Design Company

Hotel rooms, the core area of a hotel, mainly for people’s rest, should be as warm as home. The lighting should reflect the warm and relaxing atmosphere, and the relative low illumination is used to show quietness and comfort. Table lamp is used as local lighting on the desk for the better look of business documents. A reading light or adjustable-angle spot light is suitable for bed lighting, but they must be dimmable lamp. Good anti-glare lamp is also important to apply in the room design.

Hotel can be classified into several types: star hotel, business hotel, hotel chain and inn. Their rooms’ styles, furniture and equipment facilities may have something in common, but the material used and standard of construction are totally different. Are their lighting ways and requirement completely different? Let’s take a look

For example: the standard size of mid-high hotel room5m×4m×2.8m

PS: the above picture is the hotel rooms plan, please pay attention to the installation position and function of lamps: R1, R2, R3, L1,L2,P1.

Illumination Suggestion

1、 Spot light: 3W7W10W LED lamp; CCT: 2700K~3000KRa≥85

2、 Place setting: bed, night table, luggage rack, desk, tea table, curtain, over the television

3、 Control switch: switch panel is controlled by the right and left sides of the top of night stand.Or you can use the smart control system.

The Stipulation of Standard for lighting design of buildings GB50034-2013


Hotel room is place where customer spend most of time to rest, which should avoid to cause annoyance and discomfort to them. Wall lamp, ceiling lamp and pendant lamp are not suggested to install over the bed and night table no matter in the common hotel or star hotel. Why? Because it’s hard to adjust the furniture and coordinate the decorative style after the installation of these lamps. It’s ok for you to install pendent lamp and ceiling lamp on the night table if matching your decorative design, but you should choose the right types that go with the decorative style.

As shown in the following picture(pay attention: I don’t suggest to install the spot light that illuminates television in that way)

Light Source

Why we choose LED light source instead of halogen light source? Generally speaking, halogen light source has good CRI, but isn’t better to get close to the natural light? It’s true that halogen light source indeed has the better CRI , but we prefer to promote energy saving and environmental protection. Besides, LED light source can satisfy the lighting power density limit. As shown in the following picture:

Lamp selection

R1 3W 15D 180lm Embedded reading light able to electrodeless dimming Height from lamp to ground: 700-800mm

1) Adjusting angle easily, with no shadow on the book, which improves visual concentration

2) Forming an integrated part with the wall when pushed back, without influencing space effect

R2 10W 25D 650lm Embedded spotlight, adjustable angle 25°, lamp outer diameter<=95mm

1) Accent lighting for luggage rack, easy for customers looking for items

2) Accent lighting for the picture over the desk, which emphasizes three dimension and concave-convex. Choose lamp mounting distance based on the height from frame to ceiling, the distance from lamp to wall is 300-500mm.

R3 7W 25D 450lm Embedded adjustable-angle spotlight, adjustable-angle 25°, lamp outer diameter<=95mm

1) Using adjustable-angle spotlight, which is easy to adjust the lighting area and spot the object

2) This spotlight is used as bed background lighting, highlighting background structure, design culture and styles, which will be in shutdown mode when customers are in rest. Choose lamp mounting distance based on the height from background to ceiling, the distance from lamp to wall is 300-500mm.

3) Spotlight should be installed over the tea table if the tea table doesn’t have background lighting or floor lamp.

1) L1 14.4W/M simulating the effect of natural light, which plays the role of floodlighting and increases some levels of building when saw from afar at night.

2) L2 4W/M sensor night lamp provides safe lighting for night riser.

3) Color temperature(CCT) of strip must be the same.

P1 It’s not suggested to install it in the big hotel in order to show the comfortable, fresh, fancy and good view space. But if the height of room is permitted to install pendent lamp, you can install it to extend the space into a multiple layering scene.

The table lamp and floor lamp provide layering for the room. Lamp styles should be in accordance with the room styles. 6 watt of led bulb is suggested.

Desk lamp is very important but many people don’t know how to choose. Here offer you two pieces of advice about how much power of lamp you should choose:

1) Applying drawing table lamps; Light source is 6 watt led lamp.

2) Here the appearance of drawing lamps will not be illustrated in details.


We here simulate the illumination and lighting power density and see whether they meet the national standard requirement.

National standard requires illumination of general activity area 75 lx, bed area 150 lx, desk area 300lx.

Whether the lighting power density is superior or higher than national stipulation, please pay attention to washrooms series .


As a general rule, star hotels are suggested to install smart system because it can easily control lights, together with the function of one key operation. Several lighting scene modes will be introduced as below:

1) The welcome mode starts when customer inserts card into the room, which provides the safe and comfortable atmosphere. This mode is also suitable for meeting guests.

2) The rest mode can be switched by automatic switch or the smart button on the bed. This mode brings a relaxing, free , and lazy mood.

3) Customers can switch to reading mode by the smart button on the bed when they are reading. It builds the concentrated and quite environment.


We have illustrated the senior hotels, but how to set lights in business hotel chain?

Compared to grand hotels, lighting settings in business hotel chain’s rooms should not be too luxury. We just need to add or cut lights based on the above drawing.

1) All the table lamps, floor lamps, bed reading lights, and nights lamps on the night table should be moved out.

2) The bed background lighting lamp should move 500m from the wall used as reading light.

3) One ceiling lamp should be installed over the foot of bed. Generally, a 20m2 room with 40 watt lamp, and a 10-15 m2 room with 32 watt lamp.

4) Sensor lamp is necessary, providing safety for customers for fear that they could not feel the switch when getting up to go to the washroom. A switch-size sensor lamp should be installed near the wall of washroom, whose height is 500m from the ground.

5) Most of the rooms don’t have the false ceiling, which cannot install the embedded lamps. We can install the same power ceiling lamp instead.


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