About Hiorange
  • About Hiorange

    Hiorange Tech focuses on LED lighting quality and technology innovation, combined with art and technology, hardware and software, committed to providing customers with safe, stable and high performance products through new and meaningful innovations in the area of LED Lighting.

    We are more than a manufacturer, but a solution provider of LED lighting application products and smart systems with attentive service, in order to maximize the benefits to our customers.

    Our products are divided into three categories: Industrial Lighting, Public Lighting and Commercial Lighting. By integrating the quality resources and advanced supply chain, we are helping to make better solutions.


    Innovation in both technology and service brings new experience of beauty more than customers’expectation.


    Hiorange Tech wants to bring beautiful things to the people in order to inspire people to always be full of gratitude and expectation to the world and live with a optimistic and positive way. Beautiful things make people see light in the darkness, see hope during hard times and feel warmth in the coldness. In a low point, beauty would drive people never give up. When things goes well, beautiful things give people the passion to chase their dreams. Hiorange Tech will keep on conveying the brand value of innovation, being positive and optimistic, always keeping a young mind and be full of passion to create a better life.

Our Value
  • Our Value

    Market Orientation: Hiorange Tech always bases product development on meeting customer needs.

    Cooperation, Commitment and Continuous Improvement: Hiorange Tech believes in customer first and provides them with services beyond expectations.

    Independent thinking, honesty and mutual trust: Hiorange Tech hopes to provide each employee with a platform to express themselves and stimulate their potential. We trust and encourage each employee to think independently, express their opinions, focus on teamwork, and make the team's work simple and efficient.

    Mutual improvement: Hiorange Tech is committed to reducing production costs and continuously improving the quality of our products to achieve a win-win situation with our customers.

    Customer-centric: Hiorange prides on customers and partners and maintains long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with them. We strive to think from the customer's perspective, understand their business needs and provide them with practical solutions. Customer satisfaction is our code of conduct.

How we process

How we process

Optical Verification

  • SMT


  • UV Aging Test

    UV Aging Test

  • Dark Room Test

    Dark Room Test

Mechanical Construction

  • Waterproof Test

    Waterproof Test

  • Wind Test

    Wind Test

  • Salt Spray Test

    Salt Spray Test

Thermal Management

  • High and low temperature damp heat test

    High and low temperature damp heat test

  • High and low temperature test

    High and low temperature test

  • Junction Temperature and Thermal Testing Lab

    Junction Temperature and Thermal Testing Lab